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6 Ways To Get Google To Index Your Blog Content Faster


6 Ways To Get Google To Index Your Blog Content Faster

When you submit a blog or website to a search engine database, Users of the search engine will find it. This is what indexing is all about. It makes your blog appear on SERP and you receive organic traffic to your content. If your content is not in Google index, there is no chance that to you will get organic traffic to your page. Google has kept a huge database of indexed sites compared to other search engines. Once you search for something on Google, it searches from its own database of indexed sites. You need to ask yourself if you appear on the list of indexed sites and what you need to do to have Google index your blog so fast. Consider having an delhi SEO expert to help you through the following ways to index your content quickly.

  1. Use Google Analytics

Using Google analytics can help you know more about your site’s visitors. If you haven’t started making use of it, it is time you do so. You will get to know the origin of your visitors, what exactly is their search about, the pages they stay longer at and much more information about your visitors. Get help from an SEO expert in Delhi installing Google analytics which helps Google become aware that you have posted new contents. How Google analytics functions are the same way a tracking device does. It monitors how your site visitors behave and provides feedback through Google analytics interface. This is also important in improving your sales and marketing approach.

  1. Share your blog on the major social media platform

Sharing your blog content on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., can help you create traffic towards your site. Your content should contain information relevant to social media users. This technique plus ensuring that Google has indexed your site can really boost traffic to your content. The social media users will also help you create more and more traffic by sharing your content with others. This is more advantageous in terms of traffic generation,

  1. More Inbound link

Inbound linking is essential in getting your site indexed quickly by Google. Some sites are popular and naturally create traffic and are indexed faster than other sites. Sao consultant can help you earn an inbound link from such sites. This way, the search engine can find your site faster than when they search for it themselves. Just make sure you are natural, relevant and come up with an inbound linking strategy for your own good. You need to be careful when doing this because optimizing a site excessively can lead to penalization.

  1. Your content marketing strategies should be ongoing.

Update and share your content regularly and link it to and from other popular sources. Once you make your content appear in the right places. there is a higher chance that Google will crawl to it severally. Having your content listed quickly on Google leads to more traffic to your page. It is important you focus on being listed as a long term plan other than a one-time thing. When you follow these steps, you will get indexed by Google quickly which is a step up in getting ahead of your competitors by generating more traffic to your content. The automated elements will do most work for you but it is good you involve an SEO expert in Delhi to help you incorporate these techniques and become a pro in using them. This will help your content get indexed so fast.

  1. Include the blog in XML Sitemap

A good XML sitemap works like a Google roadmap to all your important pages. It doesn’t matter if your internal links are perfect. XML sitemap leads Google to all the essential pages in your site and crawls to them. All you need to do is update them more often to ensure that Google doesn’t miss any page. Once you have created a sitemap, post it to Google webmaster tools to assist it to get your site more quickly. In case you are using WordPress, use the Google XML sitemap plugin that will create, update and submit your sitemap to search engine on your behalf.

  1. Increase the website’s speed

A website that has good speed in loading its pages is not only beneficial to the users but to Google search engine as well Google will crawl to the site faster and get the content it is searching for easily and index it If you haven’t increased your website’s speed, make sure you do. The more user-friendly your site is, the more traffic will be generated and this is to your advantage. In case you have no idea of how you can increase your website’s speed, an SEO consultant can come on board in this

  1. Share the page on high traffic sites

Make sure you share the sites on more popular sites like Quora and Reddit. These sites help much in sites indexation and generating more traffic. This helps google get your site more easily and crawl to it. all you need to do is to make sure you are natural, relevant and come up with external linking strategies that will be beneficial to you You need to be careful when doing this because optimizing a site excessively can attract penalties from Google.

Final Verdict

There are many great bloggers with great content who post blogs that take longer to get listed on google search engine result page. The popularity of your site will determine how long it will take to get it appearing on Google SERP. Follow the above simple strategies and have your new blog indexed on google as soon as possible. If you get stuck, seek guidance from SEO Consultant and get your content blazing its way onto Google SERP. What is more fascinating than having your website ranked high generating tons of traffic? It’s all in your hands now work towards improving your marketing strategies and keep it up. Hopefully, the above techniques are helpful and of more benefit to your new blog!

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