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7 SEO Tips to Get Mobile Apps Ranked in SERPs

SEO Tips to Get Mobile Apps Ranked in SERP

7 SEO Tips to Get Mobile Apps Ranked in SERPs

If we don’t know about SERPs you can’t get why we provide you tips for mobile apps ranked in SERPs. So first of all let’s know about the SERPs, after hearing this you might have a question in your mind: what is SERPs or SERP?

When Google responds to users’ search query {a phrase that is known as a keyword} is known as a search engine result page. This is also known as SERPs or SERP. For example, if you say or type anything to Google and the SERPs is what you get as an answer. 


Tips to Getting Mobile Apps Ranked in SERPs

  • Link your app

This is one of the best things or first things you have for a better ranking or result. You can prompt the users to download or install your app via web pages, email campaigns, landing pages, images or you can provide compelling videos, which will help you to gain multiple users and be exceedingly beneficial for your brand.  You don’t have to put extra steps in to interrupt the current content. You can use the HTML banner on your prime location of your page to promote your app without any interference. It can help you to get a better user experience. 


  • Using Keywords

This is so important to get ranked in SERPs. So firstly you think in this way what are the keywords? Keywords are those words that the users usually type or say to Google and when Google reacts on that this is called a search engine result page. If you optimize your business website with the helping of keywords then you need to do the same thing with your mobile app as well. Your keywords help you to tell about your app and also pay attention to your app’s value and worth. You can conduct keyword research and use a keyword planner to come across high traffic for your business.


  • Update your App

This mistake is done by many owners. They are forgetting about updating their app. You have to update your app from time to time because it’s necessary. Time to time update and development in the app’s features are the important factor for all the owners. This thing will raise a better user experience. Freshness is another prime factor for your app’s SEO. Technological advancement and bug improvement these two things if your app has then will become the top-performing mobile app ever. Therefore you should update apps once in 20-30 days and don’t forget to announce the changes that you guys made in your product you can announce on the product page, website and on your social media networks. 


  • QR Code to Download your App

To access your app easily to desktop users you have to offer QR codes to download easily. The QR code should trigger app download on the capable device or network once scanned. You can compress the link before generating the QR code. If your QR code displayed in small size probably may fail to scan in android and native apple pages because their URLs exceed 50 characters. For better results, you should provide QR code in a better font and size that can easily be scanned by all the devices. 


  • Ranking Factors 

App stores and Google use different ways in ranking any app. If your app is best or at the top of the rank in the app store then your app will probably appear at the SERPs {search engine result page} ASO and SEO ranking are quite similar. That’s why ranking techniques are applied in web search and at the app store. 


  • Positive Reviews

Knowing the quality of an application review and ratings by customers are the most critical and transparent thing. Google took this as the most important criteria. If you want to rank high on SERPs you should get positive reviews in the comment section. For getting more positive reviews and good feedback look at each and every comment and if you saw any negative comment or feedback you should work on that issue because Google uses this feedback as a medium of ranking. A consistent positive ranking may help you to work as a strong pillar for a search engine page. The very first 100 comments or reviews are quite tough to gain but once you reach that milestone your application or app will be visible to users on every search engine. 


  • Optimize Click-Through Rates

CTR (click-through rates) help to increase the number of downloads and installation. Now you’re thinking about how to improve our CTR? It’s very easy, you can write engaging content on your app and at the end of the content, you can include call-to-action (CTA). To tell search engines about the importance of your app CTR works as a medium. For increasing and improving your CTR your content should be top quality, your product page should be attractive and engaging. You can boost your CTR by improving your quality of images.


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