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Google Introduces New Feature As ‘hear This Out Loud’ Button 🔊

Hear This Out Loud

Google Introduces New Feature As ‘hear This Out Loud’ Button 🔊

Google is the worldwide favourite search engine. It keeps introducing new features from time to time to make things easy for people. This time it has introduced a new feature button that says ‘hear this out loud‘ 🔊. You must have noticed Google’s featured snippets that appear when you search about any topic. The featured snippets are the little paragraphs of text that show up first when you are looking for an answer. These snippets are the text content from the website that is highlighted to grab the viewer’s attention to check if the site is of any use to them.

What is the ‘Hear This Out Loud’?

Google is now testing an interesting ‘Hear this out loud’ button that will read out the snippet text to you. Maybe this time Google is testing this feature in India first. Because this feature was acknowledged by a user in India who tweeted highlighting this new feature. However, most people are not able to view this feature on their desktop yet. Many people are trying to replicate the search so that the feature could re-appear. But Google has great technology that offers accessibility features on Chromebooks and other areas. It may be an indication that Google is testing this new feature in some parts of the county and may launch it soon.

Here is the screenshot (click to enlarge):

Hear This Out Loud

Hear This Out Loud – Google Featured Snippet Feature

This button, as the name suggests, allows you to hear the snippet read to you out loud. But the debatable part is the usefulness of this button. The snippet text is short, exactly to the point, and easily readable. So, what could be the reason to add such a feature when you can read it out. But we all have seen that Google always offers something of great help. So, whether this feature will add up on Google or not will be clear in the coming future. The official announcement to make it work in all regions is still up in the air.

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