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The 5 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1 in 2020

Top SEO Ranking Factors 2020

The 5 Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1 in 2020

Search Engines like Google and Bing are the librarians of the internet, in the sense, they give the results that a user asks for by appropriately searching for the information among libraries or information centres or the databases. Their systems collect every information about every page on the web so they can help people find exactly what they are looking for. Every search engine runs on a secret algorithm that turns the information into useful search results. When someone owns a website, search results matter and when the pages on the web site have a higher ranking, more people will visit the website. The key to a higher ranking is to make sure that the website has all the necessary ingredients that that search engine needs for a recipe of providing apt results. This is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or SEO

In a completely technical aspect, SEO is a process of improving the ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ of the traffic of a website through ‘organic search engine results’. Here the term quality infers to the right people who genuinely wish to view the website without any redirections from other sites and quantity refers to the number of right people viewing the web site. Before going into how this Optimization takes place, it is necessary to understand how any search engine works. Google or any other search engine has a crawler which is a program that goes out and collects all the information about the content they can find on the internet. These crawlers bring back results in the form of 1’s and 0’s and o the search engine to build an “index”. The index is then fed to an appropriate algorithm of the search engine which tries to match that data with the query. After a list of results is returned, there is a dilemma about which results to display first and what would be the order. Here, the role of SEO comes into the picture. Through different techniques developed, an SEO makes sure that there is a maximum number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. It increases the ranking of a website by optimization. 

Optimizations can take many forms. Many factors should be given as input to the complex search engine algorithms to get a higher ranking. Some of these factors are: 

  1. Words Matter: This way when someone searches for “Biological Science”, the search engine can narrow the results that show only those pages that about those words in the query and don’t include any additional words. 
  2. Titles Matter: Each page on the web has an official title that is inside a code and not usually visible. Search engines pay a lot of attention to titles because they often summarize a page like books title-which tells completely about the content present inside a book. Similarly by looking at the title, one must be able to make an assumption about what that website contains. Hence proper titles must be provided to ensure that the website receives higher ranking among a list of results returned. 
  3. Links Matter: When one web page is linked to others, it is usually like telling the readers that the site has good information. A webpage that has a lot of links coming to it can be favourable to search engines but some people try to fool the search engines by creating or buying bogus links that point to their own website. Usually, search engines can detect when a site has a lot of them and they resolve this by giving more weight to the links from trustworthy sites. 
  4. Words in Links Matter: The words used in the links matter too. If your web page says “Book My Show features lots of amazing movies” and the word movies is linked, then the search engines can relate that bookmyshow.com is related to movies. This way when someone searches for movies, that site will rank well. 
  5. Reputation: Lastly, search engines care about reputation. The reputation of a website matters a lot for ranking purpose.

The above-mentioned factors are just basics and the algorithms are refined all the times. A good SEO is about making sure that the website has great content supported by above mentioned five factors. There are many techniques introduced by different startups and companies which are prominent in the optimization of search queries through SEO. The SEO practices play a major role in deciding the economic status and position of an organization in an IT industry. 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the hard and tedious jobs done by a search engine’s algorithm and can take most of the time. But once optimization is done through different techniques and by keeping in mind the factors that impact the ranking of websites, the status of a company’s website can grow drastically reaching heights of profits and quality visitors. It is a recently evolving technology being adopted by almost all companies.  

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