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Benefits of Be Found On #1 Page of Google

  • Improve Your Brand Presence Online

Online presence of your brand is the lifeline of your business. It not only increases brand credibility but enhances the client retention rate too. High visibility ensures that your brand credibility is never questioned. As a result, its reach continues to expand.

  • Reach Targeted & Potential Customers before Your Competitors

Right & Effective SEO Strategy can lead to Page #1 Rankings which help you to reach your targeted and Potential Audience.

  • Get Relevant Traffic, More Sales & Great Revenue

With SEO’s main emphasis on higher search engine rankings, the relevant traffic on one’s website increases. This ultimately paves the path for more leads, conversions and higher sales.

  • Immense Business Growth

SEO is Longterm and Cost-Effective Technique & higher Rankings on Google leads your Business to Immense Growth, Better ROI, and Great Profits.

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Hire Freelance SEO EXPERT IN DELHI, India | Expert SEO Services in Delhi NCR

Are you looking for Freelance SEO Expert in Delhi, India? Then let me introduce myself – I am Sandeep Singh Mehta, working as a Full-Time Freelance SEO Consultant India. I have been offering exceptional freelance SEO consulting services to many clients. I provide services to both national and international clients for over 5 years.. With half a decade’s experience in the digital marketing arena. I have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients coming from diverse backgrounds. I take pride in looking back at my journey as a freelance SEO expert who has helped the clients’ pave their way to the top rankings in SERPs.

Having received positive and encouraging feedback from my past employers. Its my duty to deliver excellence on every project. I undertake and make my client’s online presence reach new echelons within the stipulated timelines. My duty to pay personal attention to all my clients and their requirements. I aim at delivering the required prospects at a lower cost as compared to any other SEO consultant or SEO agencies around. Comprehending with the fact that the market is flooded with SEO agencies and freelancers, I ensure living up to the clients’ expectations of hiring someone who is reliable and can deliver outstanding results spread over a period of time.

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expert seo services in delhi

Q1- What are the benefits of hiring a local SEO expert in Delhi?

Ans: Hiring a local SEO expert in Delhi has its advantages. You can quickly meet the person for strategies and project updates. You can get what you need fast. Overall communication is straightforward.

Q2- What is the role of an SEO specialist?”

Ans: Being an SEO Specialist, I offer in-depth keyword researching, on-page and off-page optimization. On-page SEO includes the meta title, description and content optimization. Off-page includes creating high quality and relevant backlinks.

Q3- Do I offer custom SEO packages?

Ans: Yes, I offer custom packages as per client requirements. My packages are very much pocket friendly.

Q4: Why hire me for your project?

Ans: I offer a completely white hat and legit SEO services. I work on focusing long term stable rankings by creating high-quality backlinks. I keep on adding new activities to rank the client keywords.

Q5: What is my SEO process?

Ans: After getting the client website URL, I create a report keeping their business objective in mind. I cover competitor analysis, keywords competitiveness, local, national and international market research. I also share a proper action plan with the client on how to achieve the objective.

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to Rank Your Website on #1 page of Google using legit methods, want to Gain More Traffic and Website Visitors. Then Here comes the concept of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which helps your website online presence.It is an organic way to reach out to your customers.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or commonly known as PPC. It is a Google paid marketing method reaching your potential customers. When someone clicks on your advertisement, you'll get charged. To know more about how to get maximum ROI on your investments?

Social Media Marketing

Want to Increase and Improve your Brand value then Social Media Marketing or SMM this is a great way to reach out your business target audience. Effectively using SMM build your business presence socially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Website Designing

The design of the Website matters a lot in this digital world. As it is the first and most important step before moving forward. Trusted Websites drives more user. So If your website's Design is not User friendly and Search Engine Friendly then you are leaving big money on the table.

seo expert in delhi

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Its job is to improve the visibility of any organic or natural website amongst the search engine result pages (SERPs). Wondering how do you improve the visibility? A proficient SEO consultant knows the answer to this. One can achieve this by implementing the right SEO tactics throughout your online presence i.e. by inserting some technical and creative keys into a website which will make it more search engine friendly. Making a website search engine friendly is just one of the many steps of the entire process of taking your rankings to an entirely new and higher level. Better the ranking your website has, more is the traffic of users that you will get. Further among these users lie your potential clients who can make you or break you.

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Is SEO Needed for My Website?

The next question that any website owner might be pondering upon once the answer to, what SEO is, is known happens to be whether SEO is needed for his/her website as well. The answer to this is very simple. Whenever you try to search anything on a search engine, you enter a certain list or set of keywords in connection to what you are looking for. Once you press enter post entering the keywords, you are shown a list of web results that are relevant to the keywords you entered.

From the list of websites displayed, you choose to click and visit only the first few hits or links. Since you tend to believe that these are the ones most relevant to your query. This clears the clouds over the indispensable relationship developed among relevance to keywords, ranking of the results and the significance of SEO as a web marketing technique for your website.

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Services That I Provide You As SEO Freelancer Delhi?

For Top Ranking, You Need to hire a Result Oriented Freelance SEO Consultant delivering competitive and expert SEO services. What I do as your freelance SEO expert in delhi. Once you endow your trust on me, to take care of your online marketing and SEO needs can be listed as below:

Periodic Audit

An Audit is an ideal way that provides you with the necessary information about the integral aspects that your website might be missing. Further, it allows you to identify and overcome what might be acting as the hurdle on your organization’s growth path. All this, not only updates you about the elements on the website that needs to be fixed or repaired. It also suggests improvements to the existing content. By conducting periodic reviews and audits, the actual can be compared with the pre-defined standards. Corrective action can be implemented accordingly.

Reliable Results

It begins with the ultimate aim of making the website search engine friendly. In addition, it offers a user-friendly interface, which in turn, ensures a boost to your website’s rankings on SERPs. While implementing the appropriate SEO techniques, it is known and informed beforehand that SEO results take time to show the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that due maintenance is provided on a regular basis to give reliable results and stable rankings.

✅ Relevant Keywords

As your SEO consultant, I will provide you with a list of relevant keywords that are Profitable for your business. The right Selection of Keywords plays an important role in your website’s ranking. Since the selection of appropriate Keywords can get you both – more customers as well as conversions.

✅  Effective SEO

This process mainly includes implementation of the changes suggested by an SEO website audit. On-page SEO includes making your website both search engine as well as user-friendly. Not only this but fixing errors, the addition of proper Tags, Keyword placement and much more form part of an effective SEO plan.

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My SEO Working Process

website audit
Detailed Website Analysis

For an SEO effort to be successful, your online campaign should begin from your website. There are lots of right SEO strategies that fall flat due to inadequate or inappropriate website analysis. Analyse your website's page loading speed, The internal linking of your site, Backlinks, and others. These steps will shore up your chances of getting the next steps right.

competitor analysis
Competitors Analysis

Just like in any highly-competitive business environment, there's a presence of lots of other businesses offering the same services as you. Due to this, a proper SEO campaign needs to have a lot of intelligence on the competition. The relevant information on your competition borders on the keywords they use, their web design, links to other sites, to mention a few. That'll help you in getting an unfair advantage when launching your SEO campaign.

keyword research
In-depth Keyword Research

Keyword research is necessary if you're keen on fast-tracking your SEO effort. There are lots of good ways to get the right keywords for your niche, and some of these keyword tools are free. There are different stages to getting the right keywords to boost your SEO. First of all, you have to get the keywords. Then you have to get facts on the volume of searches and its frequency. After getting this info, the next step is to insert these researched words into your webpages. One thing you must have in mind is the consistent manner in which keywords change, so tailor your keyword research to be frequent and dynamic.

on page seo
On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your site visibility through your webpages involves taking some smart steps. One of these steps is the proper use of keywords in your pages. The impact of keyword stuffing is still very much debated, as there are different requirements from humans and site crawlers. For a much smarter approach, use bolded keywords and place them in strategic parts of your pages, such as the headings on your content. It'll help your visitors find relevant content more accessible, and search bots will be able to detail what your site has to offer much faster.

off page seo
Off-Page Optimization

After making everything on your site SEO-friendly, the process doesn't end there. Some work is still needed in the background to increase the chances of your site's rankings on search engines. Off-page optimization generally encompasses link building. Link building generates a lot of popularity for your site and entails connecting your site with a host of other well-known sites. There are three types of link building, two are healthy SEO practices (white-hat and organic linking), while one is an unwholesome SEO practice (black-hat linking).

Detailed Monthly Reporting

In SEO, information is everything. The moment you kick-start your SEO, you need to have a periodic report on how the process is helping your site rank better. Key facts such as the visits to your site, the number of searches for keywords on your website, and more are vital for your campaign's success. When you have an analysis of the facts every month, you'd know what to do to boost your site's rankings further. It's needed because SEO is a continuous effort if meant to be successful.


Is there any guarantee of SEO results?

The success of SEO campaigns depends on the strategy adopted. The world of SEO is dynamic, but with the right steps and continuous research, there’s a guarantee of your site getting a higher ranking in due course.

By when can we expect first page rankings on Google?

Getting to rank number one on Google is no small task. Several factors, such as the size of your niche’s competition, the quality of your site, the marketing strategy you adopt, and more, determine the first page ranking of your website.

Based on these factors and the quality of your SEO effort, you could get a first-page ranking in 3-6 months. There’s no instant success when it comes to first page rankings on Google. But a solid SEO campaign will rank better at a much faster rate.

Which is better SEO or Google Ads?

SEO is better when a generalized site’s popularity effort is your aim. Other search engines are neglected when you use Google Ads to boost your site’s popularity on Google. It’s a fact that Google commands more than 90% of the SEO market. But a reasonable SEO effort will serve you better than Google Ads.

What quality should I look at in an SEO Expert?

People usually search for SEO experts using phrases such as “SEO Expert in India” or “SEO experts near me.” No matter what your search words contain, an essential part of the SEO. It would help if you looked out for is the expert handling the effort.

A sincere SEO expert wouldn’t tell you your site would rank number one in 24 hours. So, ensure you monitor the promises you get when getting an SEO campaign started. Also, your SEO expert should regularly keep you abreast of the latest SEO info that could help your site rank better on search engines.

Does SEO help in boosting your Sales?

SEO is a campaign designed to give your site more popularity. It is one of the fastest ways to increase your sales online. When your site gets higher on the rankings, more organic searches, and visits to your websites are natural. With this increase in your site’s popularity, the chances of visitors buying your products or services increase. So, SEO is a potent sales strategy for developing your business’ profile on the internet.

How are your SEO services different than those of other SEO providers?

Our SEO services stand out, as we’re focused on providing the finest, legal, hitch-free services for your site. When your website gets our SEO services, it’ll receive top-notch handling that you won’t find from any other service provider.

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist?

SEO specialties differ for everyone according to their requirements, but there are a few basic requirements that every SEO specialist should abide by. There are some basic things that I would have kept in mind if I were searching for an SEO specialist like you, and I certainly want to discuss those tips with you

  • Conduct an interview in which you ask them about their personal views on SEO.
  • Don’t trust the ones who go for unfeasible goals. Realists are better at practicality.
  • Go through their previous work, and this is where I take the lead.
  • See if they can improve the local search results.
  • Ask them if they are a Black hat or White Hat SEO Expert.

These tips, as mentioned above, along with other requirements that you want, can surely make you hire a fair and affordable SEO services expert.

What Happens If You Don’t Start SEO for your website?

If you don’t start SEO for your website, your website will soon crash down. This is because the content is not searched engine optimized, so it lays there futile with least or no traffic or your website.

Considering the technical issues, they will keep piling up to the point that it will ruin your online presence. Another thing that has the most significant impact on SEO is that your backlink profile will get out of control due to this, so to avoid this, make sure you start SEO for your website.

How does a Search Engine evaluate Results?

Once you enter what you want to search through a search engine; as a result, it displays several options. From them, you select if the product is according to your requirements. This implies how a search engine evaluates results is based on SEO and If you use proper relevant keywords and SEO, then the search engine will show your website in the results.

What do I offer in Our Small Business SEO Packages?

In my small business SEO package, the main target is to fight black hat SEO to make you a White Hat SEO Expert. Considering that, I offer the following things in my SEO Packages:

  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Keywords, according to SEO.
  • Long-form content creation.
  • Reporting and server study.
  • Google or other small search engine tactics on SEO.

How much do I charge for expert SEO services?

Being a professional SEO Expert in Delhi, I offer very affordable SEO services. I charge between INR 9000 to INR 45000 per month, depending on the work you want. So my rates, as compared to international market rates, are relatively low-priced.

Do you think e-commerce businesses need SEO services?

I think that e-commerce businesses need SEO services. SEO helps them enhance traffic on their website, which in turn increases their effectiveness and a better SEO helps in having organic traffic, which allows you to rank higher on search engines, ultimately fulfilling your goal.

How professional SEO services help to enhance website visibility?

SEO is the most suitable way to enhance your website’s visibility. The professionals know how to make the search engines rank your website in the top priorities. Consequently, you will become the most common choice for traffic, and it will maximize your website productivity. If you are looking for Google SEO Specialist in Delhi, you probably know who to contact.

Final Word 

Now that you’ve seen all the relevant info on how to get our quality SEO services. Get registered today, and boost your site’s rankings in a flash!


Tehreen Surve
Tehreen Surve
18:41 22 Aug 20
He is one of the best Freelance SEO expert India. I totally recommend trying him and his professional team to get your... website placed at top of search engine list. He and his team is trustworthy, reliable and the best in this field. I am completely satisfied with his work.read more
Digyasa Rai
Digyasa Rai
08:54 22 Aug 20
I was entirely pleased to hire SEO expert in Delhi for improving page ranking. My revenue from website was very low... from past 3 years. They helped me out with the best SEO services and boosted my sales on large scale. I will highly advise the website owner of any type to hire them for business growth.read more
Aqsa Ghanchi
Aqsa Ghanchi
07:57 21 Aug 20
If you are looking for SEO freelancer in Delhi. Then, I will highly recommend Sandeep Mehta. They deal with clients... very politely and provide the services on time. They provide the best keywords, content, and optimize the page on time.read more
Lata Goyal
Lata Goyal
15:24 11 Aug 20
I contacted this Freelance SEO expert in Delhi to boost my page ranking and get more traffic. They provided me with the... best content, improved my website and right keywords that ranked my website on first page of Google. He also provides the best digital marketing services.read more
Kannu Bansal
Kannu Bansal
15:20 11 Aug 20
Sandeep Mehta is the best SEO expert in Delhi. He has helped me a lot to rank my website on Google’s first page... results. I am highly satisfied with his service. And, recommend to those who are struggling to come in top results.read more
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