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Benefits of Be Found On #1 Page of Google

  • Improve Your Brand Presence Online

Online presence of your brand is the lifeline of your business. It not only increases brand credibility but enhances the client retention rate too.High visibility ensures that your brand credibility is never questioned and its reach continues to expand.

  • Reach Targeted & Potential Customers before Your Competitors

Right & Effective SEO Strategy can lead to Page #1 Rankings which help you to reach your targeted and Potential Audience.

  • Get Relevant Traffic, More Sales & Great Revenue

With SEO’s main emphasis on higher search engine rankings, the relevant traffic on one’s website increases. This ultimately paves the path for more leads, conversions and higher sales.

  • Immense Business Growth

SEO is Longterm and Cost-Effective Technique & higher Rankings on Google leads your Business to Immense Growth, Better ROI, and Great Profits.

Hire Freelance SEO Consultant India | SEO Expert In India

I am Sandeep Singh Mehta working as Full-Time Freelance SEO Consultant India and offer my best freelance SEO consulting services to many clients both nationally and internationally. I have more than 5 plus years of experience as the digital marketing consultant. I have worked with many different companies and helped them pave their way to the top rankings. I have received great feedback’s from my past employers and I make it my duty to make my clients happy with the results.

I make it my aim to keep my clients happy with the results they achieve with my work. I promise to give personal attention to all my clients and promise that I keep my work schedule flexible according to the need of my clients. As stated above, I can help you provide those prospects at a lower cost than other SEO agencies or freelancers. When the market is full of other agencies and freelancers, you need someone who is your trustworthy and does an efficient work.

Well, your search for a SEO freelance consultant in Delhi NCR or India has come to an end. Give me call, text or even WhatsApp me on +91-9971 255 043 right now and let’s get started on making your website on top rank in the search engine results list.

With this said, you can outrank any competitor of yours with my help within no time.

Services Offered By SEO Freelance in India

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to Rank Your Website on #1 page of Google using legit methods, want to Gain More Traffic and Website Visitors. Then Here comes the concept of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which helps your website online presence.It is an organic way to reach out to your customers.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or Commonly Known as PPC. It is a google paid marketing method of reaching to your customers where you get charged when someone clicks on your ad. To Know more about How to Get maximum ROI on your investments.

Social Media Marketing

Want to Increase and Improve your Brand value then Social Media Marketing or SMM this is a great way to reach out your business target audience. Effectively using SMM build your business presence socially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Website Designing

Design of the Website matters a lot in this digital world as it is the first and most important step before moving forward. Trusted Website is the First which drives a user so If the Design is not User and Search Engine Friendly then you are leaving big money on the table.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Its job is to improve the visibility of any organic or natural website amongst the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is achieved by SEO by inserting some technical and creative keys into a website which makes it more search engine friendly. Making a website search engine friendly is just a step of the whole process which will get your rankings to an entirely new level. Better the rankings your website has, the more is the traffic of users that you will get and among these users lies your potential clients.

While improving your website for making it more search engine friendly, SEO makes sure that your website has certain specific, relevant and select keywords. Hence, it ensures that your website is among the top rankings of the search results for the targeted keyword entered by the user. Not only should the website be search engine friendly, but it should be user friendly too. This is something that every SEO campaign need to have in mind.

Is SEO Needed for My Website?

This is the second question that any website owner might be pondering about at the moment. The answer to this is very simple. Whenever you try to search anything on a search engine you enter a certain list of keywords in connection with what you are looking for. When you press enter after typing the keywords, you get a list of web results that are relevant to the keywords you entered. From these, you choose to visit only the first few hits, which you get because you are aware of the fact that these are more relevant to your query. This complete story about relevance to keywords and ranking of the results is decided by the web marketing technique of SEO.

Once you get more traffic as a result of a successful search engine optimization, the growth of your business is assured. It builds an online presence of your website and makes it stand out from million others. It not only affects your online sales, it gives you a chance at offline profits too. Having a virtual impact on the sales gives you an edge and thus transforms the profit figures of your organization or company.

Apart from some of the above-stated SEO provides you with many other benefits like it saves your time, efforts and money. It increases your contact with potential customers of yours in an efficient manner. And it definitely gives your organization and your website a better boost. This is so because a great majority of people use search engines as their primary navigator over the internet.Still, Have Any Doubt Feel Free to Contact me and hire me as your Freelance SEO Consultant india

Services That I Provide You As SEO Freelancer Delhi?

For a Top Ranking, You Need a Result Oriented Freelance SEO Consultant And  expert SEO services. These are the Following Steps which is Take by Me During Your SEO Project:

 An Audit provides you with the information about the things your website might be missing and which might be the boulder on the road to your organization’s growth. These include not only information about which elements on the website need to be fixed or repaired, but it also suggests some improvements to the existing content.

✅ Everything is all about making the website search engine friendly which in turn will give a boost to your website’s rankings, but the SEO results take time and due maintenance is to be provided to give reliable results and stable rankings.

✅ I will provide you list of Keywords to select which is Profitable for your business. As Selection of Keywords plays an important role in Ranking. Because Good Selection of Keywords can get your more customers and conversions.

✅ This process mainly includes implementation of the changes suggested by an SEO website audit. On page, SEO includes making your website search engine and user-friendly. But fixing errors, additions of proper Tags, Keyword placement and many more.

✅ I help you regarding website’s content in a variety of ways such that it includes everything relevant starting from graphics, searchable databases, appropriate texts, tools etc.

✅ These have a great contribution in making any website search engine friendly. As Google Loves High Quality and Appropriate Content.

✅ These can be expected at the higher level of SEO. Mainly because this includes the optimization of your website’s code. These go two ways for your website, first, it will help in making your content easy to understand for users, search engines etc. and secondly, it will help in reduction of your web page loading time.

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Apart from these important elements I as a Professional SEO Expert and SEO freelance consultant India provides you with many other factors for top rankings, which include Reports on user traffic and ranking, conversion tracking etc.


Sandeep is a true professional; He is a pleasure to work with and always delivers more, He Rank my site for many profitable keywords in very less time and Honestly I am getting good inquiries from my site. Now We have upgraded our package as well.God Bless him

Simon, USA

We are working with Sandeep from almost 3 years and he is totally reliable SEO Professional and Every time his work is of the high standard.It has been our delight to know and work with Sandeep.

Jennifer, UK

Sandeep is a very creative yet results driven person and he also provides monthly reports of what ever he does.He NEVER lets you down and I would Highly recommend his Services.

Anant Kumar, India

Really satisfied with how the first 6 months have gone while working with Sandeep. Our business continues to increase and as a Wedding planner by profession many of my keywords on the top of search results as we are even busy right now which is meant to be off season for us. All Thanks to Sandeep a True SEO Expert.

John Bradley, Russia

After Paying to many SEO agencies and SEO consultants I found Sandeep through google search and until that day to now he never disappoints me and his support is mind blowing, Many of my high profitable keywords were on the first-page of Google in just 2 months of his work. I even share my business future plans with him that how we get it and he never get annoyed and even shares his suggestion with me. Truly a nice guy and knowledgeable person.

Daniel, Birmingham
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