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How to Play Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach

How to Play Google Word Coach


What is Google Word Coach?

Let’s talk about google word coach. It is a popular game in the form of a quiz made by Google. This is the best game that helps to learn English vocab. So, wherever you are, you can quickly understand just by having the internet. Also, if anyone doesn’t have enough time or lacks means. They can learn English vocab in a comfortable and great way. Google makes the game very interesting and interactive. Besides, it is a productive and fun activity to improve your language skills.

How can one use the Google Word Coach?

This game is only for mobile users. Also, it is not available on desktop browsers. The Google Word Coach is easy to get on a mobile phone web browser. So, once you launch this on your mobile Chrome browser. And, then you will be able to see various questions.

Further, you can check the description of every problem in detail. Thus, just by having the internet, you can play this game. And, you can search on Google and start playing the quiz game.

What was the primary reason to develop Google Word Coach?

The primary reason to develop this game was to make it easy to learn English vocab. It was for non-English speaking countries. So, they can enhance their English language vocabulary. Also, it is a fun and engaging way to learn and improve vocab.

What questions are asked here?

Google Word Coach quiz asks fun questions in the form of images and words. So, the following are types of questions asked in the word coach game:
The word questions are usually synonyms and antonyms

  • And, the picture question will ask you to select the correct image fit with the word
  • Also, you can check the meaning and example of each word after every round
  • The questions get tough as the level gets higher

What are the various levels in this game?

There are different levels in the word coach quiz and game. This game tests your knowledge of vocabulary. So, the more correct answers you give, you move to the tougher level. The game is as per the expertise of a beginner and expert. Both will have a different level of knowledge while playing the game. Thus, the Word Coach game tests your vocab in a significant way. You can get to know more with every level you cross.

When was this game launched?

Google launched the word coach game in February 2018. Also, this game was launched in non-English speaking countries. So, the game was for the countries that often search the definition and translation of various English words.

What is the relevance of the Word Coach Quiz and game?

The English language has its importance worldwide. Also, it has become a common means of communication. Also, it is essential to know correctly about grammar and vocab in English. So, the Google Word Coach gains its relevance from here. It allows you to build up your English vocab in a fun way. Also, there is a marking scheme in this game. And, it motivates you to learn in a stress-free and exciting manner.

Can anyone download the Google Word Coach App?

It is not possible to download this game. But, you can play it on Google web browser. So, type “Word Coach” in Google’s browser. And, it is this easy you can start playing the quiz and game.

Is this game available for free?

Yes, this game is entirely free for all Google users. Also, it is an excellent game to learn more new words. Moreover, the game is suitable for every age group. It is for everyone who wants to improve their English.

How many questions are being asked in every round?

There are individual rounds in the Word Coach game. And it has 5 questions in each round.

How can we play the Google Word Coach Game?

It is very easy to play this game. Firstly, you need to open the Google search engine or the chrome browser. And, type “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach”. Then, a window will appear on your screen. Just start playing the game. And, choose the correct option in the quiz. Your level will increase as you give more accurate answers.

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What are some tips to download and play Word Coach?

You can play this game by just opening Google Chrome Browser or Google Search Engine on your smartphone. Only type “Google Word Coach” or else “Word Coach” in the search bar.

It may ask you to add it to your mobile phone home screen after playing it multiple times. If you are signed in, you can see a sign on the game’s bottom left side. Just tap on it. Then, you can place the Word Coach icon where you want. So, whenever you click on the icon. It will forward you to the Google Word Coach.

Are there any drawbacks of the Word Coach game?

Since the Word Coach game is beneficial for the users, but, it has some downsides like:

  • It will not work in offline mode. Internet connectivity is necessary.
  • Another drawback is that the game won’t remember your score after you close the browser. So, every time you have to start from the beginning to start the game.

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Is it possible to skip any questions in this quiz?

Yes, you can skip the questions in the Word Coach quiz. Just by tapping on the bottom left side, you can skip any problem as a time.

How many languages does this game support?

No. Until now, this game supports only the English language. As per the recent update, you can also play the Word Coach game in your language. So, it is possible to play it in German, French, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

Where can I find the Word Coach icon?

You can get the Word Coach icon easily by signing in and playing several times. So, you can find the icon on the bottom left side of the game.

Is the Word Coach game available worldwide?

The Word Coach game was mainly for non-English speaking countries. Because it helps them to learn more about the language, it is not available for the countries whose mother-tongue is English.

Will this game be helpful to improve my English Vocab?

It is helpful. As you play this game more and more, you can progress quickly. And, each level helps you to improve and learn more. Also, it explains every question in detail.

Is this game Live for everyone?

Sometimes, this game appears, and sometimes it may not. So, up till now, it is not live for everyone.

Is the shortcut for Google Word Coach available?

After playing a few rounds of the game, you will notice a sign. This sign will show to add a shortcut or icon on your smartphone’s home screen. So, you will notice a mark on the bottom left side of the Word Coach game. When you click that arrow, you can get an icon on your phone’s home screen. Hence, the Word Coach game provides a home screen icon as a shortcut for its users. Also, it may be possible that you won’t get any shortcut icons. So, you can search on the browser and start playing the game.

What can be the reason that this game is not working?

The word coach game does not work on PC or laptops. It only runs on smartphones. So, make sure to open the game on your smartphone.

How to maintain a score permanently on Google Word Coach?

Presently, it is not possible to store your score permanently. So, after you close the browser, it does not back up your score. It would help if you started from the initial stage again every time.

What is the highest recorded score on Word Coach Game?

It is a bit difficult to say the highest score on the Word Coach game. But, some of my friends have scores above 2 lakh 40 thousand. Also, I know a person with a score of 301470. So, for me, the highest score till now is 3 lakh one thousand four hundred seventy.

How can anyone submit their score on Google Word Coach?

You can easily share your score. As we know that this game does not store our scores. So, you can share your score in the comment box. Also, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag like:


Thus, by using these hashtags, you can share your scores with us. We, every so often check the highest scores and updates.

What makes the Google word coach work?

The Google word coach uses AI technology. There are probably two goals of Google for launching Google word coach:-

  1. First of all, Google is probably using the data collected from the game to optimize its search engine. 
  2. Secondly, the player’s reaction to the game helps hone Google’s AI machine learning algorithm. 

The Google word coach game is ‘adaptive’ in nature. As a result, the game gets more complex the more levels you clear. After clearing several rounds of the game, it will even tell you what level of English speaker you are!

How does the Google word coach AI work?

The Google word coach game has been around for several years. The game’s goal is to find the antonym, synonym, and meaning of the word given in each round. Each level contains five rounds. Seems simple enough, right? But if you start digging deeper into the game, things start to get a little more complicated. 

  • First off, like all Google products, the word coach game by google also uses machine learning. 
  • The Google team has their reasons to employ machine learning into Google word coach. 
  1. Search engine-related data might be hard to gather in non-English speaking countries. 
  2. The Google word coach game probably helped Google gather search engine-related data. 
  3. The Google word coach might also help Google understand the English speaking levels of these countries. 
What hard words will trip you up on the game

Since the Google word coach is adaptive, you can expect to come to a point where you come face to face with some hard words. However, Google word coach repeats the hard words. Therefore, this helps you remember the words correctly. 

You will start getting to the hard words by level eight.

Google word coach has several game types;-

  • Word meaning choosing
  • Finding antonyms 
  • Finding synonyms 
  • And picture meanings.

The games start getting more challenging when you reach a certain level. You might be faced with words like- ‘nonplussed’ accompanied by two options;- “disinterested” and “unbothered” and be asked to find the antonym. Both of the words have very similar meanings. However, only one out of the two of them is the correct answer! 

Can I substitute Google word coach for other English learning apps?

Of course, it is unfair to compare dedicated language learning apps to a Google program. After all, it is most probably developed in a short time, with the help of a small team. 

On the other hand, language apps employ hundreds -perhaps thousands- of people to help develop an app specifically to learn English. 

That being said, It is easy to understand and very intuitive to use. The reason why it is so popular in the first place was because of its complicated AI and Machine learning feature that only Google has access to. 

However, Google word coach will not replace traditional language learning apps like;-

  • Duolingo
  • Hello English 
  • And Rosetta Stone. 

While it only helps develop your English vocabulary. Other language learning apps help you develop other aspects of English, like grammar and comprehension.

Google word coach also has a few functional problems. Keep on reading to see what they are and how Google addresses these problems! 

Can I use Google word coach to train for English proficiency tests?

As we mentioned before, the Google word coach helps boost your vocabulary. Vocabulary proficiency is an essential part of any English proficiency test. Unfortunately, vocabulary is a tiny part of most English Proficiency tests. It helps you develop your English vocabulary proficiency. There is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, there is no method or technique to Google word coach’s technique. 

Let us look at some popular proficiency tests and how helpful Google Word Coach might be in each case. 

  1. IELTS- The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a famous English proficiency test. This test is accepted by most colleges in all English-speaking countries and even by most employers. However, vocabulary doesn’t even figure in the IELTS exam syllabus. 
  2. TOEFL- The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is another famous English proficiency test that tests your spoken English skills. However, like the IELTS, Vocabulary alone won’t help you pass the exams. 
  3.  GRE- Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test your logical thinking skills. And the English language figures very little in the syllabus. 
  4. SAT- Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an assessment test that has an English section. And the English section has a vocabulary section. Fortunately, the Google word coach could help you. But not by much. Unfortunately, it alone is not enough to help you pass the SAT English section. 
How can I make Google word coach into an app? 

Google word coach has several shortcomings. But we have come up with some ways to address these problems. 

  • Problem no.1- Google word coach doesn’t save your game progress. 
  • Problem no. 2- You can play only after searching for it in the Google Search engine

We have a hack to both of these problems;-

You can now turn the Google Word coach page into an app on your home screen. To do so, you only need to click on a button on the right-hand side of the word coach game. Google introduced this feature in June of 2018. 

What is the highest score I can get on word coach? 

Google does not keep a scorecard for the people who play the game. Therefore, it does not know the highest score in the game or who has it. Generally speaking, if you have your scores in six digits, you have a really high score. It is hard to go beyond 200,000 in this game. 

How can I improve my score on the word coach game by google? 

The best way to improve your score is to play the game regularly. Its AI is set up to repeat words that you previously did not get right. 

However, if you want to go for the six-digit marking, we suggest you make a notebook. That way, you can note down all the hard words you came across in your previous attempts. And practice them before playing the game. 

Does Google have other vocabulary-based games? 

It seems to be one of the very few “Sub-App” games Google has released over the years. Google has a vast range of applications and features. Most of these features seem to be a one-off occurrence. However, the Google Doodles archive is a storehouse of some of the best works that Google has put out in recent years. However, if you are looking for free English vocabulary learning apps, there are many free resources online! 

How do I access the Google word coach game? 

A lot of people found the Google word coach game by accident. Google didn’t formally introduce this game. Indeed, people only found out about it when they went online to search for the meaning of some words. It opened up as a small window below the search bar.

Can I use other search engines to play the game? 

You could use other search engines to look up Google Word Coach. However, It only opens up in the Google search engine.

Who is the Google word coach meant for?

Finally, the question has been running in everyone’s mind;- who was the game originally intended for?. Formally, Google said that they wanted to help non-English speakers expand their existing English vocabulary. However, anyone with any basic knowledge of English can play Google word coach. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your English vocabulary, then Google word coach is the game for you!.

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