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How to Promote Youtube Video in 2021?

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How to Promote Youtube Video in 2021?

How to promote youtube video: YouTube is one of the most popular and biggest video search engines over the internet after google with approximately two billion people using YouTube every day. What makes YouTube different from other search engines is that, unlike other search engines, users do not have to read in order to gather information on YouTube but instead watch videos over different topics that they are looking for. 

Every minute hundreds of videos are surfaced over the platform on various channels. Because of the platform’s ever-increasing popularity amongst people, competition for those making and uploading videos on one of the most popular platforms has become extremely tough! Every YouTuber finds themselves in the race to gain more subscribers on their channels and more views on their videos. 

Well, if that makes you wonder what exactly is the secret to boost YouTube videos as an Indian YouTuber so, you are at the right place! Here we are going to reveal a few simple, efficient and effective tips for you that are going to help you boost your videos on YouTube in India.

Let us begin by understanding a very basic and fundamental thing that all YouTubers, be it a new YouTuber or someone already with one million subscribers need to bear in their minds is that, good quality content is the key to get more views on your videos. No one wants to waste even a few seconds from the time they spend on YouTube to see poor-quality content. With every video you upload on your YouTube channel, always strive to make better-quality video content in order to survive at a platform where hundreds of videos are being uploaded every minute. Try to stand out from the rest. 

Try to serve more than one purpose from your videos. For example, your videos can be both informative as well as entertaining at the same time. This attracts more viewers to your videos. Recognize why people like your videos, work on your weaknesses while focusing on your strengths. Always make sure that every video of yours provides value to your viewers. Videos that are both educating, entertaining as well as engaging get an upper hand over others. 

Target audience and build relationships with your viewers. It is always important to recognize which group of people will view and like your content and target them accordingly. Also, building relationships with existing viewers and subscribers on your channel are as important as targeting new viewers. Building relationships with your viewers keep their interest alive in your content and also helps in attracting more people to your channel. One can build relationships with their viewers by engaging with the audience. It is advisable to interact with your audience, reply to comments or maybe just like comments of people who took their time to praise your content. It creates a bond between your viewers and your channel. Running a contest, YouTube live, giveaways or asking a question at the end of your videos are also effective ways to interact with your audience. Also, audience interaction is viewed as a positive sign by the YouTube search engine.

how to promote youtube video in 2021

Collaborate with influencers, bloggers, other Youtubers or any popular faces in your videos or reach out to them to promote your videos. It is one of the simplest tricks to boost your videos on YouTube, especially for new youtubers who struggle to gain a significant number of views and subscribers on their channels. Collaborating or partnering with popular faces attracts followers and fans of those people too to your channel or reach out to such people to promote your videos and your channel. Promotion by popular faces also turns out to be an effective idea to boost views on your YouTube videos.

Google ads are your paid YouTube campaigns. You can use them to boost views on your videos. Google ads appear on other videos on YouTube and are used to entice people to land on your YouTube video. YouTube offers a variety of Google ads for you to choose from. They include display ads that appear on one side of the videos, overlay ads that are semi-transparent ads displayed on the bottom part of the videos. Both of these appear only on desktop screens. Others include skippable and non-skippable ads or ads that appear before a video begins. You can use a part of your YouTube video or different few seconds videos to entice viewers through the ad and make them land on your video.

While uploading your videos on your YouTube channel, it is always worthy to remember that YouTube is a search engine that works on certain search algorithms. So, using SEO friendly titles and description of your videos can definitely help you gain more and more views on your videos. A quality description with keywords usage makes the title and description of your content SEO friendly. It pushes the rank of your video on top of the search results creating a higher possibility of getting more views. Try to keep the description of your video short and informative.

Find out what your viewers are looking for in your videos. People watch YouTube videos for different reasons like for the sake of entertainment, for gaining information, for learning some new skill etc. Figure out exactly what entices your viewers to your videos and work on it well as that is your area of strength. Your strengths help you attract and gain more people to your YouTube channel.

Choose, make or customize an eye-catchy thumbnail for your videos. The importance of thumbnail in your videos is something that a lot of youtubers tend to ignore. However, an attractive, eye-catchy thumbnail is as important as the title of your video is. Like the title, it also forms a part of the first impression of your video that people who scroll through different videos on YouTube have. Using high-quality images, with readable texts and close-ups works great to make more people click on and view your videos.

Use social media as a tool to promote your YouTube videos and channel. Different social media platforms are one of the simplest ways to promote your YouTube content. Post links to your videos on your social media handles. Efficient use of social media enhances the presence of your YouTube channel and your content over the internet resulting in attracting more people towards it.

Making an investment in order to gain more subscribers to your channel is also one of the popular ways to boost your YouTube videos. Buy YouTube subscribers helps you not only numerically increase the number of subscribers on your channel but also helps you gain more subscribers organically. This is because people who scroll through YouTube have the tendency to believe that the higher the number of subscribers, the greater the content would be.

Maintaining consistency is also another extremely important thing to remember. People connect more to you if they see your videos more often. If you are not able to upload your videos very often, no worries. Make a short video about what your viewers should expect from you next or what is coming up. This keeps up the interest of existing viewers and at the same attracts new viewers to your videos.

Lastly, go with the trend. It is important to figure what works for you and stick to that but, it is equally important to make interesting additions to it. One can use popular movies, talk about recent viral posts, politics, new gaming shows or simply anything that suits best the niche of your channel. Though, it is not always easy and sometimes not even possible to tie your video content with the ongoing trend. However, if you still manage to do that using your skills, it definitely is going to help you in boosting views on your YouTube videos. 

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