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5 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Website Visitors

5 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Website Visitors

A lot of people have a tough time looking for visitors except for me. Here, I will show you 5 astonishingly simple techniques you can use to drive visitors to your website.

1. High-Quality Contents FIRST!

When you have quality contents on your website, people will like it. Therefore do the search engines (SE). You might say that quality contents take the time to develop and churning out inadequate contents have continuously worked for you, reconsider. You can be leaving some huge cash on the table here. If people really like your website, they will inform their friends on their websites or even e-mails about it. Consider viral marketing. Think how much free publicity you can obtain from your quality contents.

2. Include track back to each and every post you make

This doesn’t just apply to website article. If you are linking to anyone, ensure you “notify” the website that you are referring to them. In case you are WordPress and you know the website you are referring to likewise use WordPress, you don’t need to put in the trackback URL (in the trackback field). But if you will be including links to Blogspot’s blog, ensure you use trackback URL otherwise your website/blog won’t be seen at their website. You can also ask your friend in your niche to link to you. That can be in their blogroll or even in a post. Make sure his website is related to yours. Why? Search engines like it. Avoid using reciprocal links excessively or SE (Search Engine) probably would give you a penalty.

3. Website Comments

I wonder the number of people who are using this to get visitors. I’ve observed people are getting traffic from other websites by commenting on them. In your website, comments don’t say thanks or anything that is not in line with the post they made. Endeavor to gives your idea on the topic.

4. Web Directories

Many people say directories are outdated and it simply worthless. They’re wrong. Directories can assist you to rank higher in the search engines due to the fact that search engines are likely to trust directories more than just someone’s website ( especially Joe Ant directory)

5. PPC Website Targeting

You probably used Google AdWords before but if you haven’t use website targeting yet, you happen to be missing so much fun. There is certainly a large sum of money to be made there! With site targeting, you would be able to target the “right” visitors to your website. Well, you probably mentioned I’ve done it with search advertising, however, let me tell you something, site targeting is much more targeted. You can actually choose any websites you want. For instance, self-improvement website. Because it is self-improvement website, you know that the visitors of the particular website are interested in self-improvement, therefore, highly determined people.
Also, don’t ever forget the power of RSS feed. You possibly can increase your RSS feed by including your feed into RSS directory and you can make the procedure a lot easier by making use of software like RSS Submit. In theory, search engines like RSS simply because it is a sign of site updates.

So, that’s it. 5 ways you get visitors to your website. I’m implementing some of the techniques so effectively that if you apply just two of it, you will definitely acquire 100 visitors a day in just a few weeks.

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