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SEO and Content Marketing: Best Combination to Rank Higher in Search Results

SEO and Content Marketing: Best Combination to Rank Higher in Search Results

Does SEO and content marketing go and work together? Is the latter an integral part of the former?  Well!! 60% of companies reported that their content strategy and SEO are integrated and therefore they work together. Also, 53% of marketers believe that content marketing is one of the most effective SEO tools. Therefore, following the data and analyzing the reports, one can say that our choice and preferences vary on the basis of Google page ranking.

Think of the time when you start browsing the internet to search for your needful; say, “the best eat out point in a city”. What exactly do you prefer? Of course, the one, which holds most of your searched keywords, positive reviews and ranks high in Google search engine. Quite obvious is the fact that web masters are responsible to optimize the content with the relevant and most searched keywords.

Thus, the particular site of eating out that ranks high on search engines are the one preferable for you. Furthermore, one can say that content marketing is an integral part of the Search Engine optimization tool as it draws traffic towards any website.

content marketing

Below mentioned are some trendy tools that grade this combination as the best to rank high in search results:

  • Usage of keywords – Use simple, yet popular and most searched keywords on Google. It’s not only about the type of keywords used but also where it is used, matters a lot in raising the rank of your website. Your keyword should be relevant as per your business objective, optimized according to the target customers and unique to catch the eye of readers. Also, using a keyword in the heading, sub headings and at least once in introduction, body, and conclusion will boost your website rank.
  • Content formation – If content formation would be that easy to promote any website or a business, I don’t think any business would have to exert special effort for the purpose. Additionally, the factual motto behind content formation is not just having a bulky website but something much more than that. Therefore, having unique, original and high-quality content is in demand to attract more traffic, conversation, conversion and finally the rank of a website.
  • SEO is the demand whereas content is the supply– Very true statement – SEO is the necessity of the business holding a website to be promoted and content is that ladder to fulfill this requirement. More elaborately, content is the contented form of thoughts, description, keywords, and niche of the business in order to engage the customer over it. Hence, “content is the king”.
  • Link backs SEO needs to be linked up with content – Does that sound “Tricky”? Yes and actually it is. SEO demands back links for up-gradation and content does link backs. In fact, SEO can’t be linked back if it is not dangled through the content. Thus, to fulfill this essential element of SEO, content has to be loaded with a heavy dongle of links.
  • Consistency has to be balanced – Both SEO and content marketing are supposed to be consistent as per the demand of competing rolls. If one is stagnant, another gets suspended and so is their result on Google. Thus, updated, fresh and unique content on the website results high in SERP. Also, a good SEO means continuously upgraded content on the website that is visible as an output on Google as well.

In addition to the above facts, we conclude that SEO and content marketing complement each other. Also, in a nutshell, we can say that “Alone they fall and together they stand”.

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