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SEO Trends for 2019

SEO Trends for 2019

Search engine optimization is today considered the backbone of any successful business. There is no business that can boast of having a considerable market share without investing in its online presence. The main trends in SEO in the coming year involves embracing the latest SEO techniques and investing in coming up with great content. Let’s dive into some of the latest trends for the year 2019 that will definitely help your business grow in leaps and bounds;

  1. Is your business mobile ready?

In early March 2018, Google announced it will not only be looking at your web pages to help them come up with SERP for ranking. The company announced going forward it will concentrate on mobile indexing. What this means is that Google will be concentrating on your mobile version of your site to come up with ranking. This means that it is of importance that businesses that seek to rank highly in Google search to invest in mobile versions of their websites that offer quality content.

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  1. Featured Snippet ranking

The latest trend that is catching up like bushfire is the use of featured snippets. Companies that have invested in featured snippets are taking over. Remember that online users tend to see featured contents first. Its, however, very important that before you get your content to rank as a featured snippet that you get it to rank highly on its own first. Remember that nothing beats great content. It is worth noting that almost 90% of content that appears as featured snippets have appeared on the top 5 positions in the first page. Therefore is of utmost importance that you invest in a great SEO strategy.

  1. Quality content

In early August 2018, Google rolled out an update to its SEO algorithm that put an emphasis on quality content. This update affected many businesses that have a low EAT ratio. This simply means a low level of trustworthiness. Quality content is the backbone of SEO, therefore, businesses will have to work even harder in 2019 to come up with great content. I take a lot of time. People tend to put a lot of emphasis on quality content.

4.Voice search

Voice search optimization has grown in 2018 and is seen to catch up in the coming year. According to research that was done in the 4th quarter of 2018, voice search a lot more people are getting comfortable searching for things using voice commands. As technology gets better it will simply catch up in 2019. This is very important to note.

I have the best strategy that will ensure that your business ranks highly in search engine searches. Being an SEO consultant in Delhi I have tremendous experience in the field of SEO a fact that has enabled me to help a lot of businesses improve their online presence. 2019 will perhaps be one of the most competitive years in recent history. Businesses will have to position themselves if they want to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

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